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Hatch and Vinny Ricco

Hatch and Vinny Ricco

Growing up on the Eastside of Detroit, in a melting pot of Detroit musical legends such as “The Rockets”, “The Romantics”, “The Torpedo’s”, and “The Underdogs”, just to name a very few. Vinny Ricco sparked his addiction of music and song while working his first job at “The Red Carpet Lounge”. The lounge was one of Detroit’s premier music clubs in the late 60s/70s.

”I use to clean the joint on Saturday mornings, found all kinds of good stuff.” – Vinny Ricco

After a bit he was the front man for the band “Crystal Tee” and he and the guys did your typical high school tour. Back then it was all the high school, grade school dances, a few clubs and hall party’s… After the music, he went on to manage/promote and have his own productions at Detroit area venues, in 1976 he landed a job in Hollywood at the “infamous Starwood” on the corner of Santa Monica and Cresent Heights. Years come and go, Vinny found himself back home and in the blockbuster Eminem movie “8 Mile”. Now after laying low for a bit, he’s back… Vinny Ricco is at it again, with his own voice, his own crew, on the Vinny Ricco Radio Show!

You can tune into an all new Vinny Ricco Show every Sunday at 5 pm est on Hear It Nation.