Open Season

Corporate Radio Sucks

Founder Sketch Artist – an egotistical, free-styling street rapper from Detroit takes hip hop off auto
pilot. ​

Starting young, Sketch Artist was only 6 years old when he found his passion for music. He went
on to winning first place in Southfield Highschool’s Floetry Contest as a Freshman. Being fed up
with constantly booking studio time, Sketch then built his own home recording studio and from
there went on to becoming an intern at DWP Music Services as a sound engineer. From
observing the world and understanding where he belongs in it, portraying his thoughts musically
was his way to express himself. Sketch released “God Of Hip Hop Vol. 1” in 2013 and then
“Self-Conscious” in 2014 which included original music and remixes from radio hits. Both solo
projects went on to achieving trophy status on Datpiff. In 2016 Sketch released “God of Hip Hop
Vol. 2-Thanks Lou” and from there released “Fish Bowl” in 2017.

Co-Host Tez-J- a.k.a. Clyde Skywalker; is a rapper and song writer from Detroit ​
At the age of ten, Tez-J began writing poetry with a strong connection to hip hop due to his
father having his own studio and playing bass. Tez-J met Sketch during his sophomore year at
Ferndale High School and the two of them began recording music whenever Tez-J wasn’t
working towards becoming a chef. In 2013 Tez-J released “I AM YOU”, his first solo mixtape,
followed by “Audio Ecstasy” and then “Free Pills” in the following years. Both Sketch Artist and
Tez-J released a duo album, “Family Tithes”, in 2015. Their songs “I Do”, Ridin’ Through”, and
“Lou Kang”, all were voted #1 on Radio Opie. They went on MOJO in The Morning in 2015 and
since then they’ve always wanted to express their views from a different perspective other than
just through music.

Open Season allows Sketch Artist and Tez-J to have the platform to discuss issues with their
listeners from a different angle. From “What Grinds My Gears” to “The Great Debate”,
everything is on the table and open for debate. There’s hot takes, cheap shots, and all around ball
busting, and callers just add fuel to the fire while having a voice of their own. Co-Host Terrance
has a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance and adds a totally different perspective to the show.
He also represents the consumer in the “60 Second Break Down” where local music is played
and is open for discussion.