The M3 Show

Corporate Radio Sucks

The M3 Show (Murder Mitten Mayhem) is a talk radio show that broadcast live from Detroit, Mi.

The show is hosted by a man that would like to be announced as “The Man Behind The Brand, The Pro That Runs The Show” Mr. Mac F’N Money & also the “Chit Chat Diva” herself Ms. Weffer. The M3 Show also features some amazing co-host including Four Unique Mindz member Mike Ku5h who is always quick with a good comeback and also Camp Phire Connection member Kyo who brings a new “What If” segment every week.

The M3 Show features some interviews over the phone and in studio but is more focused on the “Talk” aspect of¬†Talk Radio. The Show talks about current events, music, gossip, pro wrestling, sports, opinions and really what ever else that is brought up. The show is also host to many hilarious games like “Would You Rather…” and “Sex Toy Price Is Right”. M3 also plays indie music during the show and plays a game called “Detroit’s Got Talent” and just like the TV program 3 buzzers means your out! (submit music here). So join us each and every¬†every Friday night at 9 pm est on Hear It Nation and see for your self what all the hype is about.