About mac

Timothy McLennan is also known as Mac Money is CEO and Co Founder of Taking in Money Entertainment (TIME DETROIT) since 2014. Mac is musically trained in several different instruments and has spent over 15 years in the Detroit Music scene, performing everywhere in the Detroit Area, including St. Andres Hall, Paychecks Lounge, the old TNT's and many many more. Mac also studied in music production and produced and Co produced many different albums for many Detroit Artist. Mac was also trained in sales and quickly learned business and marketing. With his focus and vision of the rebirth of Detroit Entertainment, and loyalty to the Support Local Music movement Mac has taken his knowledge of entertainment and business and helped build Taking in Money Social Entertainment Agency. The company offers everything from websites that include GPs maps, social media, an online magazine and online radio station to entertainment management, marketing, promotion and public relations. Mac lives in Detroit, Michigan.